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We are creators at heart and use our skills to craft meticulously polished apps. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Zurich, Switzerland, our approach stems from a belief that working with talented individuals fosters innovation and joy.

11. MAY, 2015
Privacy in apps
Apps and cloud services are intruding on our privacy much more than most people know. Nikolaj Sonne reveals that a large number of organizations and companies know exactly where you are and what you do. We are proud to have contributed to this very informative TV show that was broadcasted on DR2 this Saturday. Watch the full show
24. MARCH, 2015
Introducing ASRGH
It is vital to stay up to date with the ever-changing App Store Review Guidelines. To make it easier we made a website that lists all the changes that has been made to the guidelines. Read more
14. AUGUST, 2014
We came in second
Bureaubiz have indexed Danish agencies on growth and profit over the past 3 years. Shape scored a BPI Rating of 6.6 which is the second highest out the 221 ranked agencies. Read more