We craft mobile apps
with brains and beauty

Proudly based in Copenhagen and Zurich,
serving users worldwide since 2010.

We design and develop. We do both well.

We are a diverse mix of people. Uniting talent from varied backgrounds, ages, training and thinking. What stands us out is how we collectively blend this with our strategic, creative and technical know-how to create beautiful, seamless and robust mobile experiences.

Who we are
Shape is a mobile development studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Zurich, Switzerland, dedicated to make outstanding apps. We are proud that our work is touched, tapped, swiped and pinched by millions of people every day, and our goal is always to make their experience as good as possible.

What we do
We’re passionate about building apps of the highest quality. We have spent years perfecting our craft so that we can work together to make thoughtful and polished mobile solutions. We believe in quality over quantity, we set high standards for our work and we go the extra mile to do things right.

How we work
We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the process to discover how we can help them reach their goals. Whether we are starting from scratch, revitalizing, or completely overhauling a mobile application, our teams of experts provide the skillset needed to achieve outstanding results.

Our areas of focus

We have crafted apps of all shapes and sizes that consistently turn ideas into profitable and effective businesses. Based in Copenhagen and Zurich, our team of passionate developers, designers and project developers offer all the services needed to build rock solid and meticulously polished apps.

This is where we start bringing your ideas to life. We pull together all the information to build a compelling story. We'll go through the entire app, the user flow, and layout decisions. All said and done, we'll have a solid blueprint of what your app will become.

Software development is at the core of what we do. Our agile processes allow us to create applications in less time with fewer developers. We're able to identify issues early and change direction quickly when needed. We believe this is the best way to make robust apps.

Design is always more than what meets the eye. Great design is usable, simple, and beautiful. It goes beyond pretty pixels, it's creating an experience that feels seamless to the user. We work dilligently and sweat every detail to ensure a polished and thoughtful end result.

A critical part of any app lifecycle is the launch. We have extensive experience moving large scale applications from development to production on a variety of platforms. Diligent testing allows us to be confident in a smooth and successful launch of your app.

The values we live by

Craft with pride

We take great pride in our work and we set high standards for what we make

Ask more questions

We insist on being curious, because asking always leads to better solutions
Quality over quantity

We are not an app factory. We take our time to craft apps of the highest quality

Follow your gut

We believe that intuition and experience are essential to make the right decisions
People before profits

We strive to enrich ourselves by working with smart and passionate people

Always try harder

We work hard every day to ensure that we go beyond and exceed expectations