What we are made of

We are creators at heart and use our skills to craft meticulously polished apps. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Zurich, Switzerland, our approach stems
from a belief that working with talented individuals fosters innovation and joy.

Who we are
Shape is a mobile development studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Zurich, Switzerland, dedicated to make outstanding apps. We are proud that our work is touched, tapped, swiped and pinched by millions of people every day, and our goal is always to make their experience as good as it gets.

What we do
We’re passionate about building apps of the highest quality. We have spent years perfecting our craft so that we can work together to make thoughtful and polished mobile solutions. We believe in quality over quantity, we set high standards for our work and we go the extra mile to do things the right way.

How we work
We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the process to discover how we can help them reach their goals. Whether we are starting from scratch, revitalizing, or completely overhauling a mobile application, our teams of experts provide the skillset needed to achieve outstanding results.

Our core principles serve as
the foundation of behaviors
that drive us to constantly
challenge where we are
heading. To do exceptional
work that gets used and is
talked about. Work we are
proud of, and work that
makes us all better.


We seek

We put attention to details above all else, and we do not take shortcuts.

Always try

We work hard every day to ensure that we exceed expectations.

Ask more

Curiosity killed the cat, but it won’t kill us. We are not a team of ’yes-men’.

Quality over

We are not an app factory. We do not churn out apps on an conveyor belt.

People before

We endeavor to enrich ourselves by working with passionate people.

Together we

Individual dedication to a group effort. None of us is as smart as all of us.


We work with people we believe in

Don't take our word for it, we have had the pleasure of working with great companies, pushing the boundaries of mobile software.


Building complex apps requires the right mix
of smart and creative people working together.
Our people come from a variety of backgrounds
yet we're unified by a passion for taking on
challenges, building great apps, and having fun.


Numbers speak louder than words

13 million
Monthly users
Team members
7 million
Lines of code
Client satisfaction
Liters of caffeine