A product design and
engineering studio.

We partner with clients to shape the next generation of digital products. Our team helps navigate the complex challenge of creating innovative digital products that are equally intuitive, attractive, and technically sound. We work primarily on mobile applications, across all platforms, with companies both large and small.

Do Right

Do Right has been the backbone of our process since Shape was founded. It is something we have become quietly known for — the “last ten percent,” as it has been coined. It is what happens when we look at the end of a project's scope and go back to the whiteboard one more time because we know it is not our best work. It is what happens at 5PM, when the sun is setting, and we are staring at our screens unsatisfied with what we have created. It is after we have gone the extra mile. We do so by applying a set of core beliefs.

01  Pride
We put attention to details above
all else. Quality always beats quantity.
02  People
Individual dedication to a group effort.
None of us is as smart as all of us.
03  Progress
Curiosity killed the cat, but it won’t
kill us. Always ask questions.
04  Prestige
Our reputation is built through hard work,
saying no, candidness and probity.
05  Prosperity
We endeavor to run our business so
that everyone profits.

In good company

We have had the pleasure of working with some remarkable brands from various industries and regions of the globe. Some of whom we have been partnering with since the beginning.

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We are here to create things people love.

Established by a group of friends in 2010, Shape has grown to become an international, award-winning digital firm. We founded Shape to do intentional, meaningful mobile products. We want to leave a mark greater than ourselves. For us, there is no greater calling than to use our talents to empower others. We are proud that our work is tapped and swiped by millions of people every day, and our goal is to make their experience as good as it gets.


The big and small numbers of 2016

Ventures launched
Monthly users
Office dogs
Camping trips
Broken controllers
Lego models built
Morning swims
Company BBQs
Awards and honours

Awards and recognitions

Sometimes we get recognized for getting our clients recognized. We are proud to have received a few well-known awards and noteworthy honors for our work.