One stop ride sharing.


Gomore has quickly grown to become the leading platform for ridesharing and peer-to-peer car rental in Denmark. More than 2 million members use the Gomore website to arrange cheap, fun and eco-friendly trips across the world.

In close collaboration with the Gomore team we designed and developed a powerful app that allows members to create, find or even track available rides from specific areas to destinations worldwide. Rating members and sharing car details makes it safer and more fun to find the right passengers or driver. Besides that the app excells at making it dead easy to find a rental car nearby, or to administer your bookings if you own a car.

The advanced instant message functionality makes planning fast and effortless, while a variety of ride preferences enables users to browse for rides that fits the needs of each user. More than 10.000 daily trips are now available to Gomore’s users, right on their iPhone or Android device, and custom alerts ensure that you never miss a ride. All this, while saving money and helping the environment.



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