iOS developer

If you are an experienced iOS developer who can’t help yourself sweating the details then you might feel at home with us. Bring your expertise to good use by building state of the art products together with other passionate developers and designers in Shape. We offer a great working environment in our Copenhagen office, that has been described as a mix between a playroom and a New York flat [link til Morten R podcast].

Some of the things we look for
  1. A strong theoretical foundation as well as practical experience with software development.
  2. Experience with Swift and Objective-C, the iOS SDK and its frameworks, git, and Xcode or AppCode.
  3. Motivation to become a part of and learn from a team of experienced and passionate developers working with iOS, Android, the web and hardware products.
  4. Experience with other technologies such as scripting or web development in either Node.js, Ruby, Python, Elixir, Scala or other modern languages.
  5. Interest in design patterns such as FRP, MVVM, MVC, Clean Architecture, DI, etc.