Announcements, musings and hearsay.

The app iPhone X is missing

06 Nov 2017   Simon Støvring has created an a nifty app, that we believe should have come bundled with the iPhone X from day one. It allows the user to record lengthier clips of your personifiable emoji tomfoolery. Simon’s custom iOS app uses private API’s that can access the same functionality that Apple’s own does for Animoji.

Gazelle hattrick

16 Oct 2017   The leading business newspaper in Denmark, Børsen, gives out the Gazelle award to growing businesses every year. We are proud to receive it for the third year in a row.

Magasin Goodie Card Goes Straight to the Top

11 Aug 2017   We have been working diligently alongside the Magasin team, to bring a first-rate membership app to their many Goodie Card holders. We are quite thrilled with the reception so far, especially how it went straight to the very top of the App Store upon release.

Betxpert Booking Awards: Best Mobile Platform

10 Dec 2016   At this year‘s Booking Awards, the Oddset app won the Best Mobile Platform prize. When we set out to make it app, one of the objectives was to build the most user friendly betting app out there, therefore we are naturally proud that the Oddset app was the only one to receive top marks for User Experience.

Achieving business goals using new iOS features

01 Nov 2016   Some of the most important metrics for almost any app includes: retention, user acquisitions and customer lifetime value. If an app is central to a business or organization, these terms will usually correlate closely with the business’ overall goals, such as making a profit or growing a base of loyal users.

Building an app company from scratch - live on a podcast

29 Sep 2016   A few weeks back Christian received an email from Morten Resen. Morten’s idea is to build an app for families with children to use when traveling. Our collaboration has turned a string of podcasts, giving the listener an exclusive glimpse into how an app company is built from the ground up.

Aarstiderne wins Guldprisen

31 May 2016   Last night at FDIH E-handelsprisen, Aarstiderne took home Guldprisen ahead of a host of prominent nominees such as Momondo and Bolia, as the number one e-commerce company in Denmark and on top of that they won the ‘Best in Food’ award. Their succes is well deserved and their will to strive for the best customer experience is commendable. We are proud of working with them, in an effort to bring organic food to your doorstep with a few taps.

3 awards at DIA 2016

02 May 2016   At this years’ Danish Internet Awards we were fortunate enough to come home with 3 awards. The Mit Se og Hør app won two for Best Mobile Platform and Best Use of Social Technology and GoMore won for Best Digital Product. We are obviously very happy on behalf of our partners.

Our first Gazelle

18 Nov 2015   Every year since 1995, Børsen, the leading business newspaper in Denmark, has selected growing businesses to receive their Gazelle price. And this year, Shape A/S is among their chosen ones.

Say hello to NotShot

02 Nov 2015   We were lucky to get a development kit for the new Apple TV before its’ release, and of course we thought: “Let’s make an app, so we’re part of the game from the beginning!”. We wanted to gain some experience with the technology.

Our take on native, shell and mobile web apps

19 Aug 2015   App development is a complex field of technology and there are many aspects to take into account. So we understand why the alternative options to building native apps, i.e. making web or shell apps, might seem attractive from a first glance. Therefore, to explain why we prefer the native solution, we will try to map out some of the major differences between building web, shell and native apps.

issuu wins at TabbyAwards

14 Jul 2015   The Tabby Awards is the only global competition for apps that are specifically designed for tablets. Nominees along with the eventual winners are chosen by a board of international app specialists for each category. This year, issuu was among three finalists for the Magazine category, along with Harrods and the New Yorker Magazine. More than 100,000 people voted, and in the end selected issuu as the Best Magazine App for iPad. We are very happy for issuu and proud of the part that we have played in this succes.

Introducing ASRGH

24 Mar 2015   It is vital to stay up to date with the ever-changing App Store Review Guidelines. To make it easier we made a website that lists all the changes that has been made to the guidelines.

Mobile of the Month

04 Nov 2014   We are thrilled to see that the issuu app has been so well recieved since the launch in September, and we couldn’t be happier that the FWA has picked it as Mobile of the Month.

We came in second

18 Nov 2015   Bureaubiz have indexed the Danish agencies, based on growth and profit over the past 3 years. Shape scored a Bureaubiz Performance Index Rating of 6.6 which is the second highest out the 221 ranked agencies. We are especially happy with this ranking because we invested significantly in the opening our Zurich office last year. We are proud to be performing well amoungst the most esteemed Danish Agencies.

The Nordic Web interview

31 Jul 2014   Christian did an interview with the people from The Nordic Web about our approach to developing apps, startup myths and not wasting your time.

6 million monthly users

01 Jul 2014   In october 2010 we got an email from the people of Songkick. At that time all we knew was that they had a popular website. It turned out that they were out to find a partner to help them make an iPhone app to enable even more people to find concerts of their favorite artists.