Officially the Best Betting App

Officially the best
betting app.


The beginning of June is the time of the year when the representatives of the betting world gather in London to celebrate their achievements at the most prestigious event of the industry. This year was our first as participants, as we were shortlisted with the Oddset app.

A day of swanky suits and beautiful gowns, June 20th marked the date of this year’s EGR Awards. The organizers are known for picking an impressive venue and this time was no different. Located in the heart of London, the majestic Hurlingham Club was a picturesque setting for an eventful day.
We arrived alongside the team from Danske Spil, to represent the Oddset app, which was shortlisted in the Best Native App category. An achievement in itself. Never before had a national lottery app been nominated for this award.

The sportsbetting industry
As for many other industries digital have had a tremendous impact on how to interact with the customers. Old paper coupons have been replaced and the battle of the digital customer have become crucial. Winning the customers loyalty isn’t just about providing the best odds but can also be won through providing the best gaming experience. A position Oddset is aiming for. Delivering on that challenge isn’t easy. After the Danish betting market have been liberalized the large international players have found their way. Larger marketing budgets, larger development budgets, experience from several markets are what Oddset is fighting against.

And the winner is
The biggest household names of the betting world were all present and awaiting for their categories, along with the newcomers. While the speaker was announcing the lucky winners, we kept our fingers crossed and kept our team back at the office updated during the event. As the speaker listed the nominees in our category, we were reminded that our local app was up against the biggest International players. When the time finally came for the winner of our category to be announced, we were quite frankly overjoyed to see the Oddset app come out on top as the Best Native App. David had beaten all the Goliaths.  

Reaching the stage, and claiming the award felt like a proper culmination of our first years of working with Danske Spil on the Oddset app. As Frederik Skov, Chief of Product at Danske Spil puts it:
“It has only been two years since Shape and Danske Spil launched the app. That we already at this point, as the first national lottery ever, have won the Oscar of the betting industry for our work, fills the whole team with happiness, pride and motivation. It is also a testament to how remarkable the partnership between Shape and Danske Spil is.”
At the very beginning of our collaboration, the objective was clear; we were to build an app that would be able to compete with the very best betting apps in the world. Given the fact that the competitors had a lead of several years, it was immensely gratifying to realize that we had not only produced a betting platform that can indeed compete with the biggest players in the market, but one that can beat them head to head.

Onwards and upwards
The roadmap for the Oddset app is filled to the brim with new features and improvements, that will further enhance the capabilities of the app. None of this would be possible without the ambitions and dedication of the Oddset team at Danske Spil, we are proud of partnering with them as we continue to collaborate on the platform. As we strive to ensure that the app can stay ahead of the International giants in the Danish market, we cannot wait to see how the app will develop in the years to come, but one thing is for sure; we have a great foundation here to build upon.


Refining sports betting.

25 Jun 2018