Something ventured

The future belongs
to the industrious.

We build and launch ventures, both on our own and together with passionate founders to transform ideas into great products and services.
Our approach
Build workhorses,
not unicorns.

We want to take part in building real businesses not hot air baloons. Real business make products and sell them to customers for a profit. Therefore the product needs to be great from the first launch, and that is what we strive for every time. We will always trade slower, thoughtful, compounding growth over scaling fast and failing fast.

Our own ventures
Sometimes we form new companies based on our own ideas and products, doing everything from design to funding ourselves. We invent, design and build the product before hiring a new team to bring the product out into the world.

We do very early-stage seed investments directly in promising ideas we believe in. We act as an active and hands-on investor, helping with everything from designing the product to hiring the team and doing the marketing.

Sometimes we form equity or royalty-based partnerships with big companies or small startups. Together we create new products and services, improve existing products, or launch a completely new area of business.
The portfolio.

An online platform for on-demand farming that optimises the use of farm equipment by connecting supply and demand.

Keep track of your shipments with ease. CargoFlux serves thousands of companies worldwide.

GoLittle helps you find the perfect places to go with your kids. Discover restaurants, playgrounds and more in your area.

Crop is your personal tool for keeping track of the grain market with daily updates on crop prices.

What we bring to the table.

We put a lot of energy into our projects and are meticulous when it comes to forming partnerships with startups or making early-stage investments.

With over a decade of experience with designing and building high quality digital products that people love, we know what it takes to launch successful products. We also know what common pit-falls most new companies are facing, like how hard and time consuming it is to find the right team and how to navigate the rough decisions on what to include in the product and what not to.  We have taken many products from idea to prototype and beyond. Combining heavy technical expertise with a relentless focus on product design and user experience makes us capable of building unique products that can grow into real business.