Hvidøre Recipes.

A unique kitchen.


The Novo Nordisk kitchen at Hvidøre is in a class apart. Not only is it a beautiful location at Øresund but what makes it unique is the way the chefs create extra-ordinary gastronomy.

Since the food at Hvidøre is cooked for guests of Novo Nordisk exclusively, the privilege of enjoying it is not accessible to the public. However, the chefs of Hvidøre wanted to make their recipes accessible to a broader audience, in order to present their ideas of innovative cooking and quality.

The app takes you on a journey into what the kitchen at Hvidøre is capable of. A journey that extends from classical French gastronomy to the Asian kitchen, further to the modern Spanish gastronomy and on to the molecular kitchen and at last a close look at the new Nordic kitchen. The app showcases 100 recipies that are easy to work with and mouth-watering to look at.

Novo Nordisk


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