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With Nordisk Film we embarked on a journey to make a mobile tailored experience for their amazing cinemas across Denmark and Norway.

Over the past 100 years, Nordisk Film has been synonymous with great movie experiences and long lasting cinema moments for the people of Scandinavia. For the evergrowing range of events and movies, Nordisk Film were in need of a new platform to connect with an audience that is increasingly mobile-first. Alongside Nordisk Film, we have delivered a best-in-class mobile booking experience, that appeals to a broad age group while maintaining the respect for the core of Nordisk Film; the movies.

The Nordisk Film app has plenty to offer cinema-goers; find all the latest new and upcoming movies, watch trailers, read reviews and browse movie showtimes directly from the app. Along with a superiour booking experience, we have been sweating the details to design and build a state-of-the-art payment flow to deliver the first truly native booking experience in Scandinavia.
With the new Nordisk Film app it is faster and more convenient to share the payment with friends, get reservation reminders and receive tickets directly on your device.

As a loyal Nordisk Film customer, there are even more benefits to the app. Save your preferences and payment methods for even faster checkout, browse your movie history easily, take advantage of great offers or earn points by rating movies and save money on your ticket buys.

All of this would not have been possible without expanding the backend with new features and data handling in close collaboration with the Nordisk Film team. It has been an effort that provided Nordisk Film with a solid base for their future ideas and features.
Whether you like Star Wars or prefer League of Legends, great experiences are in store for you and your friends in a Nordisk Film cinema nearby, and with the new app it is easier than ever.

Nordisk Film

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