Scanomat Topbrewer

Finally, it makes coffee.


The people of Scanomat build the most beautiful industrial coffee machines in the world.

Their TopBrewer is the ultimate coffee machine for the minimal denialist. Instead of having your eyes dirtied by a scattering of coffee related gadgets across the countertop, the sole visible part of the machine is a tap which arcs elegantly up from the depths of your kitchen and delivers both coffee and milk.

They came to us with an interesting challenge; to build an app that would let users brew coffee from their mobile device. We designed and built the app in close collaboration with Scanomat, and we ended up with a new innovative and instinctive user experience and a seamless integration with the Scanomat Topbrewer machine. Because this app is the first of its kind in the world it gave us the freedom to create something different - something that makes ording coffee truly enjoyable.



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