What we bring
to the table.

The heart of the business
Software development for mobile and tablet is at the heart of what we do. Our experienced engineers develop apps for iOS, Android and the web. Our apps are robust enough to withstand high loads of real life use and at the same time grow from evolving business needs.

The strong bonds between design and engineering at Shape have proven to deliver harmonious and seamless mobile experiences over and over again. Shape can take you all the way from app idea to market launch, but we also tailor solutions to make the best use of your existing resources and ensure critical knowledge is anchored to your organization.
Ole Gammelgaard
Development   /   Backend Systems   /  Code Review

More than meets the eye
The graphical user interface is where first impressions are made and users immediately start forming opinions about your app. If done right, that can turn into word of mouth and online reviews. We approach every interface as users first and designers second. We do not want to confuse users with excessive flourish and we do not want to create anything that we would not want to use ourselves. With these goals in mind, even complex design challenges become easier to solve.
Nicolas Linde
Concept  /   UI Design   /   Branding   /   Art Direction

Where strategic thinking meets
technological expertise

Succeeding with apps in today’s digital world requires more than beautiful design and solid code — you also need a strong strategy. We believe that good strategy go beyond vague aspirations, ambitious performance goals and the avoidance of hard choices. For your business to benefit fully from your technology investment you must leverage the power in the situation and create an appropriate response. In our experience good strategy stems from three coherent elements we call the ‘The Core;

Defining the nature of a challenge by identifying and describing the critical aspects of the situation.


Describing the overall approach to dealing with the challenge while exploiting the advantages discovered.


Describing a set of coordinated and concrete steps that clarify what to do to carry out the method thereby overcoming the challenge.

We create strong strategies, because our substantial technological experience provides us with an industry insight that enables us to define valuable mobile advantages.
Christian Risom
Mobile Strategy   /   Strategic Business Development